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Your living trust may be tax deductible.

Did you know your living trust and other estate planning work may be tax deductible?... Read More...

Is a simple will all you need? Let's find out

"All I need is a simple will." I've heard that phrase hundreds of times in my career. No doubt people say it because they don't own a lot and their situation is fairly conventional: spouse then children and an estate consisting of home, retirement plan, some investments. So is a simple will all you need? The answer could be "Yes" if:... Read more...

Must read if you own US Savings Bonds

The future is here for US Savings Bonds! They stopped selling savings bonds over the counter as of December 31, 2011, which means... Read more...

Shocking Medicaid news

What a difference a day makes. No sooner did I send a post on Pooled Payback Trusts did the Illinois legislature... Read more...

What is a Pooled Payback Trust?

A Pooled Payback Trust is a tool for qualifying someone in need of nursing home care for Medicaid. It's main advantage is that the applicant immediately qualifies for Medicaid upon transferring the assets to the Trust. The main disadvantage is . . . ... Read more...

Limits of your "General" Power of Attorney

When a parent has lost mental capacity it is quite common for the children to come in with mom's or dad's power of attorney in order to do their estate planning or Medicaid planning. Unfortunately . . .... Read more...

Discover the top 3 Medicaid qualification Myths

Nursing home costs are through the roof. Many people would be qualified for Medicaid to pay these costs right now, but confusion over the NEW rules deter people from seeking help. The top 3 myths of Medicaid qualification are . . .... Read more...

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